I'm Emily and I’m a little bit of everything. Thanks for stopping by my little space on the internet. I’m a creative of sorts focused primarily on Hand Lettering, Graphics and Photography. I have found influence in many artistic outlets all of my life. I grew up filling pages with doodles, creating mockup fashion magazines and picking up photography techniques from my Grandfather. I discovered my passion for Graphic Design after taking a high school course in it. Immediately I found inspiration in designers like Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, and Massimo Vignelli, to name a few. I then went on to study Graphic Design, graduating with my degree in Graphics in 2014. I quickly discovered how Design and photography can be combined in the most glorious ways, and that having nice handwriting can form an awesome career.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2016 selling hand lettered creations and simultaneously worked full time as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I used to think it was crazy to want to do it all, to label myself with so many trades. Now I think it's crazy to not be all of these. I love the risks I can take with all of these outlets combined and embrace the magic that comes from not limiting myself to one area.

I’d like to think I have an overtone of romance in whatever it is I’m creating. I’m drawn to the natural glow of the golden hour through photography where people can really feel free. I primarily photograph these days with my 50mm and trusty Canon and enjoy photographing people as they are, candidly in their most comfortable self. When it comes to calligraphy and hand lettering, I truly flourish in writings of love and light hearted whimsy. I have a fascination with the way words come across. In design I’m a rule breaker and a typographic enthusiast. I’m drawn to the risks that can be taken in design and LOVE to push the limits.

I currently reside in my hometown of Onset Massachusetts, as a freelancer with my future husband, John. I seek challenging and fun projects - whatever they may be. From wedding invitations to a flyer designs to a beach portrait session.

"I love this artist! Emily has a passion for design, a talent for creating exactly what her customers want, and excellent customer service. I had a vague concept in my mind of what I wanted, and Emily was helpful with her suggestions and patient with my changes and created a masterpiece!!! If you're looking for a piece of art that will define your character and add to your home, then you're definitely with the right designer."
-Jessica, Home Decor Client

"She takes pride in her work, is very responsive and excellent at communication. Her artistic talent is why we keep coming back."
-Sue, Bloomington Bagel Co.

”Emily is a true artist. I tried to do my own thing at first and she was patient with me and did not want to tell me how bad my idea was. After realizing I'm not a designer, I asked Emily if she could freestyle a design on her own and WOW! That's when I realized she is a true artist and we will definitely be reaching out to her for design consultation because she has a talent and an eye for excellent design.” -Nawar, Folcur Digital